is an online space focused on colors, sound, space, time experiments, and research. Founded by artist Zhongkai Li, he focuses on the essence of objectness, which directly leads to his obsession with prototypes. This means a line, a surface, an edge, a sound, an action, a collective behavior. He constantly examines his subject in printmaking, web-based projects, videos, and installations to stimulate the curiosity of the audience. Yet his practice is exploring, sprouting, wandering, parallelizing, and encountering in the existent and ever-changing medium.

Line No. 12 Line No. 11 Line No. 10 Line No. 9 Line No. 8 Line No. 7 Line No. 6 Line No. 5 Line No. 4 Line No. 3 Line No. 2 Line No. 1 Sound No. 1